February 19, 2012

Update: Very Busy On and Off Campaign Trail

Mike Dickman smiling at the Law Library

Hello all!

Tremendous activity prevented posting lately, but I summarize for the concerned faithful.

I recently completed an important document in a foreclosure case for an elderly client victimized by mortgage fraud, known in the legal world as a Response to Motion for Summary Judgment. Of course I continue to counsel people seeking advice and assistance weekly at the Markham Courthouse advice desk and web center. Early every morning and later in the evening, I’m also meeting voters in the west and southwest suburbs at train stations, stores and homes.

People have been simply incredible, whether we’re going door-to-door, or meeting new friends and old at multiple community centers, houses of worship, and sporting events. This by far is the best part of campaign work.

Our social and traditional media/outreach campaign continues and embraces all, fully appreciative of any helping hand to spread the message of providing voters of the 4th Sub Circuit a judge with both balanced perspective, and ten plus years of actual judicial experience.

Thank you to all, especially those sharing wonderful thoughts and support at religious services today.

Please visit and “Like” my campaign page on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/MikeDickmanforJudge.

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